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                                                             General information;

                           Date of birth;11th August 1974        Place of birth;Beautiful Rome


Secondary school of Itis,equal to European diploma in mechanical engineering, diploma of Italian wine specialist,A.I.S. course master of service, pizza chef course at A.I.P. in Rome,VPN member,English and Swedish college degree.


    Good standard in English,Swedish,Spanish written and spoken,German and  French

                                                 only spoken .Native Italian language.

                                                                     Driving licence;

                                 Full and clean European a/b/c/,Swedish and Californian.

                                                                       Military record;

                             Volunteer a the 187th FOLGORE parachute regiment in Somali.

                                                            Professional Experience;



1993-94; Serve in the Italian army in Somali,Mogadishu,as tank driver.

1995-2000;Works in different Roma’s and Tuscany’s restaurants as waiter or pizza chef.

2000-1/2002;Moves to Berlin,Germany.Works at restaurant “Bellini” as pizza chef and


2002-2/2003 ;Moves to Mantova,Italy and works as waiter in “Grifone     Bianco  “

2003-2004:Moves to England,works as manager at“Carlo’s”,famous Italian in


                    ( “Legend “week horse race in September) and as waiter at the best Italian

                     outside London “San Carlo” Bristol.

2004-8/2004;Moves to Lanzarotte, Africa working as manager at”Luigi’s” for a season.

2004-3/2005;Back in England,Hull,works as manager in a fresh open Italian“Bar 52”.

2005-2008;Moves to Sweden and works as pizza chef in a new open “Pappa Grappa

                     Pizzeria”. One year later is in Stockholm as manager at very  popoular

                     “Bettola di Papa Sisto” in the heart of the Gamla Stan.

2008-o5/2011;Moves to California,works as manager at famous “Antica Pizzeria”,one

                     of the best 20 Italian pizzeria in U.S.A.(wine spectator,GQ magazine,LA7) and

                     headquarters for VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) in America.

05/2011-06/2012;work as waiter at Piccolo restaurant in Venice beach,2nd best Italian

                             restaurant in Los Angeles by Zagat guide 2011,later manager and wine


06/2012-12/2012 ; manager at  Hostaria del Piccolo in Santa Monica.

12/2012; Co-owner at pop up restaurant ‘Barbershop ristorante italiano’,

                   together with Chef Walter,they tour around town in different restaurant,

                   they get some very good reviews.


08/2013-Present :Open new pizza-wine bar in venice beach,he selects the wine

                   take care of pizza’s menu.


                  Pleae go online and cheek the beautiful press South End got under Mario’ s

                  management,4 and half star Yelp….yess!!!!

2010-current Works as restaurant,wine and pizza consulter for Nepoletana consulting

and   worked as consultant helping the opening or certifications of many pizzerias;

                 Whole food market, Colleville ,Texas

                 Una vera pizza Napoletana,Union square ,NY

                Rosito bisani, Los angeles

                Pizza-bar, Truckee

                Pomo, Phoenix

               Pizza Antica,Phoenix

                Fat Olives, Flagstaff

                Ardente, Mexico city

                Ciao Chow, Hong kong, China

                San Giorgio , Milwaukee 

  Napoli pizzeria , Guadalajara

Pietro pizzeria , Kauai , Hawaii

Stone pizzeria , Greenville , SC


2014-current; Works as Senior Chef for the new vibrant pizza concept  MidiCi…. please check more on this blog about Midici,they sold more then 300 locations at 06/

Jennuary 2010 – current With a lot of proudness  works at AVPN Americas as instructor,VPN Americas

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