I been a few times on newspaper or tv show,for different reason,wine,food,pizza;this here was as pizza chef in Sweden in 2007…

In this Italian-American newspaper I represent as manager Antica Pizzeria,one of the best 20 pizzerias in U.S.A. and the unique school in America for the VPN  organization (Verace Pizza Napoletana)
We use to have  many student from all country be part of  our course to become certificated Neapolitan pizza makers….2008


this is a show i was part of,as pizza chef,for ABC 7 in Los Angeles…

In this pic I was hosting in Antica Pizzeria,as manager,a show for the BEST OF L.A. food network…kcal7

me,John and Debra @ the Red Carpet event lancing” Fork’s on the Road”…2010


this is a pic of myself  @ Los Angeles Time,doing travelling rings in Santa Monica,California, my hobby……   for a good life one need to take care of  the body and the spirit…
so,good reading, good Italian food,nice glass of Montepulciano!

For the thanksgiving and black Friday 2012 a small interview with Santa Monica Mirror ;


In march 2011 i been in Vegas with the president of VPN americas mr. Peppe Miele,rappresenting the association,an italian newspaper wrote this article about:



From 12/2012 start the adventure “Barbershop Ristorante Italiano”,the first Italian pop up in USA..many magazines and bloggers mentioned:



South End media; please go online on http://www.southendla.com and check the tons of great media attention we got!!


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