Ciao Chow pizza-bar HONG KONG

Thanks to Peppe Miele and Napoletana Consulting,

in December 2015 i was for a few weeks in HK for the opening of the beautiful

pizza/restaurant/bar Ciao Chow,in Lan Kwai Fong,the centre of HK,

Using Valoriani gas ovens completely cover with copper and bringing from home different

pizzas,menus,recipes,apposite developed for CC we trained the staff in 2 weeks and ready

for business…the opening night we served round about 500 people.

The first pics is me with Kelly Chan (the Lady Gaga of Asia),some other are with the

staff,mostly all from India,Pakistan,China,Filipinos and some Italians 😉

Great experience that will be very helpful for more consulting job in Asia.




IMG_2857 IMG_2915 IMG_2290 IMG_2349 IMG_2417 D9CD42DF-48D0-4401-8911-13F715ED991E IMG_2464 IMG_2377 IMG_2601 IMG_2572 IMG_2391 IMG_2400 IMG_2429 IMG_2468 IMG_2482 IMG_2707 IMG_2746 IMG_2467 IMG_2588 IMG_2592 IMG_2858 IMG_3063 IMG_3066 IMG_3152 IMG_3153

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