Guadalajara and Mexico city- AVPN course

Thanks to AVPN AMERICAS in the person of Peppe Miele,president of the assosation,

i have been send to the beautiful town of Guadalajara to work in the very Neapolitan

orientated  pizzeria call Napoli. Together with owner Marco D’orzo and all the staff we did

a full immersion on pizza Napoletana,later we went to Mexico city to visit one of our

associated,the first in all Mexico,Ardente pizzeria ,considered from all the Mexican Media

the best pizza in Mexico.

It was a great experience and always great to meet such of committed and nice people.img_0497 img_0463
img_0468 img_0487 img_0491 img_0506 img_0509 img_0560 img_0602 img_0603 img_0604 img_0635 img_0640 img_0653 img_0664 img_0692 img_0702 img_0703 img_0711 img_0720 img_0723 img_0726 img_0728 img_0729 img_0733 img_0735


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