Slice pizza Laguna beach

When i first met Cary,Danielle and Primo at the VPN pizza school in LA i knew we were up to something because the focus they had for learning and the will to do good

Few moths later we met in Laguna and we open together,i helped with the dough recipe and some suggestion on menu.

It was a really great experience,Marra forni rotatory oven,pizza press,automatic dough rounder,it was a good challenge for me and some new problem to solve for all of us Slice Team members.

The staff was great especially Danielle and Primo,very hands on all the steps of the way,the passion of Cary for catering a great pizza farmer market base fof the small town of Laguna is really remarkable

i think we did a great job in 5 days together and i recommend to all of you to stop in Laguna and have a pizza at Slice 😉





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