The reason of this blog is for me to share with everybody all those years I spend travelling around the globe trying to promote the Italian way of living trough the food,wine,culture.

Is a sort of online resume’,about my profession,the country I have been,people I meet,food I cooked..

 i been doing the job of waiter ,manager  in Italian,German,Swedish,Spanish and English languages…

And been doing pizza in Italy,England,Germany,Sweden and U.S.A.,pizza is my true love together with wines.


The first tree years in USA i spend with maestroPeppe Miele were great.

I worked at Antica in Marina del rey(best 20 pizza pie in USA for more then 10y)

i met Enzo Coccia(best pizzachef in the world,the only one with star Michelin),Tony Gimignani(3 times world champion)Massimo di Porzio,Stefano,Paolo and all the other guys from the Verace Pizza Napoletana.

during this year in USA i had some private party,in 2 of them i had the honor to serve and cook for Franco Nero,Valeria Marini,Thomas Arana(from Gladiator),Silvia Damiani…

At the Antica pizzeria i had as a costumer;Sue Ellen actress from Dallas,Susan Grey, mr. Gery Vitti and some team member of Lakers,the unique crazy Danis Rodman,the Brazilian soccer star and Brazil captain Roberta,Paula Abdul  ,maestro Daniel Innosanto(the teacher of Bruce Leen)….

At Piccolo restourant  i had the honor to serve dinner to Dolph Langred and wife…,Demi Moore and Ashton kutcher,O’Brian….Dennis Tito, the firstspace “turist” who paid 20 million dollars for be part of shuttle…Fedele Bauccio from Bon appetit,Beatles George Harrison’son Danny,actor Harry Shearer,the Prince of Italy Ruspoli and wife Olivia Wilde, Microsoft CEO Whitten Greg…

i open my own place in 2012,a pop up restaurant called “Barbershop ristorante italiano” http://barbershop-venice.com/

in 2013 i opened with few partners a gem in Venice beach called South End,please check it out in this blog,

is all about friends,family,wine pizza and Italian culture to be share in a good company!!

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