Guinness World Record longest pizza in the world

 06/10/2017 for some of us is one of the most proud day of our Life,we archived the Guinness record for longest pizza in the world.

Giulio,Tony,Jimmy,Harrison,Nick,Gianni,Gino,John,Fash,Chris,Fred and Carlo and 100 more volunteers,100 pizza makers from all over the world together with myself ..we worked no stop,no sleeping for more that a 24h without rest…

the excitement was so impressive for me that i did not feel the tiredness..the Team was so united that manage to overcome all the problems all the hiccups we had…was incredibly powerful

5000 pounds of dough,3600 pounds of cheese,2 cubic meters of Italian tomato sauce,100 pizza makers,26 hours no stop and 1.3 miles (6333 feet  those are all the numbers)

Personally for me was a challenge,we did it…i believe that impossible doesn’t exist any more,we can do,together as a Team, every goal we focus in,we can arrive to every result we set our mind in to it.


Memento Audere Semper!


BIG thanks goes to our sponsor,, Orando food, Sysco, Venice Bakery



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